MF Consolidated Account Statements (CAS) 

  • Go to Karvy Mailback Service Page (www.karvyfintech.com) or  Cams Mailback (camsonline.com)

  • Generate since inception MF data of the investor including Holdings, Transactions & Account level data

This file is sent to the investors registered email and can be shared with the adviser​


Download a GapSheet with all the excels 

At the click of a button an adviser can understand a portfolio. The returns it has generated and the units which may be sold with 0 short term tax or exit loads. 


Upload the sheet on GapSheet link above 

GapSheet's advanced software electronically

  1. Extracts data from the pdf and creates comprehensive Holding & Transaction Excels

  2. Consolidates the data on a single sheet

  3. Calculates in real time 

    • Returns: Overall, Asset class, Advisor & Folio wise scheme wise 

    • Taxes: Grandfathered for Equity schemes & Indexed for Debt Schemes 

    • Asset Allocation 

    • Exit Loads for each of the scheme 


Easy New client Onboarding & Increase existing client's share of wallet

With the "held away" portfolio's access, you can guide your client to a better service